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Strengthening your writing with truth: an analysis of Harry Potter

We’ve all heard that lies are stronger when they have traces of truth. Well, the same mindset applies to writing too. Readers get more immersed and grounded in stories that contain traces of what they already know. Consider Harry Potter: a world that JK Rowling imagined into our existing world. When talking about imagination in writing, we have to give Rowling a lot of credit. The world she concocted sparks the imagination of all ages, multiple generations, and inspired some of the most popular tourist experiences in the world. Yet, did she imagine it all herself? For the most part, yes. However, Rowling built on a lot of pre-existing concepts. In fact, many of these concepts actually ground her story to make it believable. Let’s look at a few. The basilisk Originally, in Greek mythology, the basilisk was a north african serpent whose breath withered plants and killed whatever it touched. In the middle ages, the basilisk was described as a rooster with a snake’s tail . Another middle a