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Author Twitter Tips: The Magical 1,000

Getting to 1,000 Oh my gosh, what a journey. Before you get to 1,000 followers, don't bother tweeting on your own page; no one will see it.  To start off, I casually set a goal for me to follow ten people per day. This goal was nowhere near good enough for me to take off, but at least I was growing slowly. Then COVID-19 happened and my husband returned from his military course. That's when I actually had time to push for my magical 1,000. Not only did I have time, but I enlisted my husband. Yes, I cheated... sorry guys. I swear, my Twitter tweets are 100% authentic these days. My point is; he and I searched for all #WritingCommunity, #fantasy, #YAfantasy, and similar tweets. We checked them out, followed everyone who responded on there, were personable, showed that we enjoyed their comments... we engaged with people around the world who wrote all kinds of genres of books, blogs, and papers. What really made me love Twitter that i could ask for help. T